As an effort to create unprocessed snacks that are made fresh with nutritious ingredients, we introduced KreeA Nutrition Bites which are tasty, healthy, fresh and local.

KreeA Health Bites contain nutritious seeds, popped grains, and jaggery which is a far cry from empty calories.

This is KreeA’s first step towards serving our local community.


  1. Hi There, just tried your bar and it was very tasty and felt wholesome. Thanks a lot for the sample . will be back for more, are you selling at stores. I would love to buy some. Good job.

    1. Hi Revathi,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you liked them.
      Currently we are not selling them at stores. We have 2 pickup locations (Santa Clara or Mountain View).
      For larger orders (20$ or more) we can deliver them to you.

      warm regards,
      Kavitha & Shree

  2. This is my second bag of Just 6 and 5! and I absolutely love them! Very tasty and fresh. Definitely surpasses my expectations with every bite. Will continue being a faithful customer!

  3. Healthy, tasty and crunchy bars! We tasted a few snacks and each variety had a unique texture and taste. Good job, KreeAites!! we love to order some.

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